Document Detective

Document Detective is a collection of desktop applications designed to redact, sanitize, and review popular electronic document formats like Microsoft Office and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Document Detective meets the intent of the government's "100% reliable human review" criteria for transferring files across security boundaries in their native format. Such transfers from higher to lower classified networks are typically called Trusted Downloading. Document Detective runs as a desktop application on an individual workstation. Document Detective has been approved and is being used at several government and contractor facilities for Trusted Downloading.


  • Helps customers conduct a "100% reliable review" of electronic documents
  • Applies to practical business and commercial applications where the protection of proprietary or confidential data is of paramount importance
  • Facilitates user security compliance to make fewer mistakes that could compromise intellectual property or proprietary data
  • Protects organizations to aid insider threat reduction efforts
  • Performs keyword searches and creates transfer packages for just about any file type
  • Performs a deep, object-level inspection and flattening on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and templates
  • Augments a "100% Reliable Human Review"
  • Flattens documents to true WYSIWYG
  • Ensures all content has been reviewed
  • Provides auditable digital record of review
  • Detects and removes over 130 types of hidden data including macros, tracked changes, and scripts
  • Ability to process multiple files
  • Prevents inadvertent data disclosures when classified Government or Business documents are downgraded
  • Performs a deep, object-level inspection on and removes tracked changes from, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files
  • Scans file types for keywords
  • Includes peer-review and approval capabilities and archives transfer packages that can be used for future review if a spill occurs
  • Looking for Office 2016 support? Document Detective 5.0 is currently in development and will include Office 2016 support, speed increases, and additional enhancements, with a beta expected Q4-17

Certification Training

ManTech International Corporation provides instructor-led certification training for Document Detective. Individuals or groups charged with protecting data are strongly encouraged to attend a formal instructor-led training session to ensure that Data Transfer Agents (DTAs) are certified in the use of Document Detective. The certification provides fundamental understanding of the product capabilities, as well as how users and organizations can leverage the product to provide a record of action should the threat of a spill arise in the future. From an organizational level, having DTAs certified is one additional step in risk mitigation and helps to show that an organization is doing everything possible to protect data.

Customer Portal

The Document Detective Customer Portal has user tips, best practices, troubleshooting and support ticket submission.

How to Purchase

To purchase Document Detective software, visit our Products Price Schedule or Online Store. If you are interested in training, please visit our Training Page.

Point of Contact

Ted Kula, Product Manager