Two Frontiers: Health and Space

ManTech has lots of opportunities for people who want to apply their skills to two of the most important and exciting challenges we face today—health care and space exploration. Select positions require a secret security clearance.

Questions? Please contact our recruiter, Blair Ramoscarr:

Available Positions

Business TitleReq. IDLocationClearance Level Needed
ECM Electronics Technician II-OCONUS93566BRIRAQ ErbilSecret
ECM Electronics Technician II-OCONUS93573BRAFGHANISTAN KabulSecret
S&W Radar Operator-OCONUS93722BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS93708BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
PTL Watch Stander Level II (domestic)93640BRUSA VIRGINIA SpringfieldTS/SCI
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93698BROVERSEASSecret
PTL Watch Stander Level I (domestic)94731BRUSA VIRGINIA SpringfieldTS/SCI
S&W Radar Field Service Representative-OCONUS93721BRAFGHANISTAN KabulSecret
PTL Global Support Team Specialist89543BRUSA WEST VIRGINIA Summit PointTop Secret
PTL Integration and Systems Engineer93231BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTS/SCI
PTL Global Support Team Specialist93631BRUSA WEST VIRGINIA Summit PointTop Secret
PTL Watch Stander I (Domestic)93635BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93701BROVERSEASSecret
S&W Radar Operator-OCONUS93724BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS94002BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS94004BROVERSEASSecret
PTL Technical Operations Team Leader (Worldwide Logistics)93646BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonSecret
PTL Watch Stander III (Domestic)93785BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTS/SCI
S&W Radar Operator-OCONUS93723BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
VPIM Electronics Technician I93745BRUSA VIRGINIA SterlingSecret
MVS Project Manager93227BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
ECM Electronics Technician III-OCONUS93577BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
CCR Technician I93589BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
CCR Technician II-OCONUS93607BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret